2. tourist information

tourist information

  • Information on Yunotsu Onsen Town

    • Yunotsu Onsen Town par

    • 【Outdoor bath]Motoyu Onsen

      40m to the left from Kiunsoh

      Bathing time:6am to 9pm
      A separate fee is required for washing hair.

      The origin of the discovery of the hot spring dates back to 1,300 years ago.
      It is said that the monk found it.
      In "cloudy salt spring" around 50 degrees Celsius of cloudy food,
      The bathtub is divided into three sections, hot water, lukewarm water and sitting water.
      There is also a drinking water cup, and drinking it is effective for diabetes, stomach ulcers, heartburn, etc.
    • 【Outdoor bath】 Yakushiyu Onsen

      15m to the left from Kiunsoh

      Bathing time:8am to 9pm
      Sundays,Holidays 6am to 9pm
      A separate fee is required for washing hair.

      Due to crustal movement during Hamada Great Earthquake in 1872
      Because it is a hot spring that has begun to erupt in large quantities, it is also called “Shinyu”.
      We have obtained “All 5” Natural Hot Spring Certificate from the Japan Spa Association.
      The source is a natural spring from the ground 2 to 3 meters below the ground, and it is poured into the bath without any modification.
      The spring quality is sodium / calcium chloride.
    • 【Yunotsu Onsen Town】

    • ① Yakimono no Sato

      Admission time 9:00 to 17:00

      Creative experience, Pottery display・Sale
    • Shinyu Cafe・Kuranojo (Kuranojo)

      A cafe full of retro feelings, despite its white and western appearance.
      The shop is lined with antique furnishings,
      You may get the illusion of a time slip.

      Food, drinks and desserts are available.

      Opening Hours:From 11:00 to 17:00(Last order 16:30)
      Regular holiday:Thursday(End of Year/Beginning of Year*Inquiry required)
    • ③cafe bar Roan ROAN

      Business hours from 18:00 to 24:00
      (Tuesday cafe menu only)
      Nostalgia and kindness to those who come and go
      Born to provide time and moisture
    • Hirano Kagetsu-do

      Hot spring wharf, Manufacture of hot spring rice crackers・Sale

      One by one, hand-baked traditional hot spring rice crackers,
      It has a crisp texture and a slightly sweet, timeless flavor.
      I am very pleased with the souvenirs.

      The hot spring bun with moist skin is exquisitely made with elegant sweet bean paste.
    • ⑤ Yuyu Kan(Oda City Tourism Association Yunotsu Branch)

      The townhouse-style storehouse is blended into the old townscape.

      1st floor:Rest room, town guidance materials,Specialty goods,Yunotsu History
      2nd floor:Historical Archive(A collection of small pieces that introduce the rich history of Yunotsu Onsen)
      Yunotsu, a port town that flourished as a silver loading port at Iwami Ginzan.
      It may be fun to imagine the scene of carrying silver on a large Kitamae ship a long time ago.
      Okidomari area, there is still a "Hanaguri Rock" for mooring ships.
      (The shape of the rock, which was created by hollowing out the natural rock, resembled the through hole in a cow's nose ring)

      Onsen Musume "Yunotsu Tsusama" goods are also on sale.

      Yunotsu the Kohama district of Yunotsu, manholes designed by Kitamae ship are set up everywhere.
    • ⑥Ryugozen Tatsuno Gozen Shrine(Tatsuno Gozen Jinja)

      It is reported that Tatsuno Gozen Shrine was founded in 1532 (Tenbun year of Tenbun).
      On the mountain behind the shrine is a rock that looks like a dragon's face.
      It is a natural huge rock and it is called Dragon Tatsuiwa Rock because it looks like a dragon with an open mouth.
      Landscape view from here, you can overlook the Iraka and the sea of Yunotsu

      Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine the gorgeous time of Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine,
      He seems to have gathered his religion as a guardian god of the Kitamae ship who frequently went in and out of Yunotsu Port.

      This is the venue for Yokagura,
      You can enjoy kagura dedication at the original shrine of Iwami Kagura.
    • 【Restaurant information】

      Each restaurant is located on the left.

    • ① Kuranojo Shinyu Cafe(Kuranojo)

      Opening Hours:From 11:00 to 17:00(Last order 16:30)

      Regular holiday:Thursday(End of Year/Beginning of Year *Inquiry required)


      A lot of antique furniture is worth seeing
      In such a profound atmosphere, you can enjoy your meal
    • ② Kiunsoh

      Business hours from 11:30 to 13:30(Drinks open all day)
      There is one regular holiday per month.

      The inn's lounge is open to the public.
      We also have dinner using the room of the inn.(*Reservation required)

      ~lunch menu~
      Seafood bowl 1,400 yen
      Conger eel bowl 1,400 yen
      Grilled fish set meal 1,500 yen
      Udon 620 yen

      ~Drink menu~
      Coffee ¥350 Juices ¥250
      Shaved ice 300 yen Soft ice 300 yen
      Draft beer ¥550 Chuhai ¥400
    • ③ Roan

      Business hours from 18:00 to 24:00(Last order 23:00)
      Closed every Tuesday,Every other Wednesday
      ☎ 0855-65-2777

      Providing nostalgia, friendly time and moisture to the people who come and go
      Major renovation of a 100-year-old townhouse with the theme of “fusion of tradition and modernity”

      *The water provided by “Roan” uses Takase's Natural Mineral Water Yunotsu Kaishun“Takase's Natural Mineral Water Roan” used for sake brewing by Wakabayashi Brewery.
    • ④ Fureaikan

      Reopened from April 20, 2019.
      Located along the National Route 9 the entrance of Yunotsu town.
      Please enjoy the set meal of the day and the lunch menu.
       *It is open only during lunch hours.

      Business hours from 11:00 to 14:00(13:30 last order)
      Regular holiday Tuesday (*Other,May be closed temporarily)

      【Iron pancake and coffee shop】 
       From 13:30 to 16:00(Last order 15:00) 
          *Closed on Tuesdays (Please be aware of temporary holidays)

  • Iwami Kagura

  • Information for sightseeing in Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine

    In July 2007, the Iwami Silver Mine Remains Site was registered as a World Heritage Site.
    The scope of registration covers a wide range of Remains of Silver Mine and Kozan Town, Iwami Ginzan Kaido, ports and port towns.
    The hot spring town of Yunotsu is also covered.

    Omori Town, the center of Remains of Ginzan Silver Mine, can be reached in about 30 minutes by car.
    • Private car

      【Yunotsu】→About 16 km, about 25 to 30 minutes →【Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine】

      1, Yunotsu Onsen, take National Route 9 to the direction of Matsue and Izumo.

      2. Drive Route 9 for about 10 minutes, turn right at Nima Intersection ahead of Nima Sandmuseum enter Prefectural Route 31.

      3. After about 5 minutes, you will come to a tunnel. Go through the tunnel and take the Daikansho (magistrate’s office) on the right.Turn right at the end and arrive at "Iwami Ginzan Parking Lot" in 2 minutes.

      4. There is a "World Heritage Center" in the Iwami Ginzan Parking Lot of Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine, and it explains well why Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine is a World Heritage.
    • Yunotsu taxi is in front of JR Yunotsu Station


      【Yunotsu】→About 25 minutes→【Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine】

      ・If you need a taxi, please ask the front desk or waitress.
      ・You will arrive at Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine in about 25 minutes from Kiunsoh.

      Yunotsu taxi:0855-65-2200
      Fukumitsu Taxi :0855-65-2368
    • Train

      【Yunotsu】→About 15 minutes → "Nima Station" → "Taxi" about 10 minutes →【Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine】
      【Yunotsu】→About 15 minutes → "Nima Station" → About 15 minutes by "bus" →【Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine】

      <Limited express>8:13→8:21 
      <Bus>8:30→8:45,10: 30 → 10: 45
    • Train (Rapid)

      【Yunotsu】→About 30 minutes → "Oda Station" → "Taxi" about 15 minutes →【Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine】

      【Yunotsu】→About 30 minutes → "Oda Station" → About 25 minutes by "bus" →【Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine】

    • Train & Bus or Taxi

      ・If you use the train, get off at Nima Station (about 15 minutes from Yunotsu) or Odashi Station (about 30 minutes from Yunotsu).
      ・After getting off the station, you can take a bus or a taxi.
      ・If you use a bus, please use the bus in front of the station.
      ・The best way to get around Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine is by walking or by bus.
      ・If you are using a taxi, please use the taxi in front of the station.

      Nima Station:Nima Taxi 0854-88-2046
      Odashi Station:Daiichi Koutsu 0854-82-0660 Nihon Kotsu 0854-82-0456

      important point
      ・Trains and buses are very infrequent.
      ・If you plan to use the train or bus, please plan well before you act.
      ・If you need the train and bus timetable from Yunotsu Onsen to Silver Mine, please ask at the front desk.
    • sightseeing taxi

      ・For sightseeing taxis, please ask at the front desk or waitress.
      ・Sightseeing taxis are also available for city sightseeing.

      Yunotsu taxi:0855-65-2200
    • Tourist guide

      I don't know why Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine is a World Heritage Site without a guide.
      If you have time, please use a free or paid tour guide.

      Ryugenji Mabu while enjoying a forest bath on your own.
      Also, if you have trouble walking, please use the Ginzan cart.(*For a charge)

  • Information on other nearby sightseeing spots such as Izumo-Oyashiro Shrine

    • Izumo Taisha Shrine is famous as the god of marriage and symbolizes the mythical Izumo Izumo-Oyashiro Shrine

      Izumo-Oyashiro Shrine 

      About 1 hour by car from Kiunsoh
               About 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours by public transport

      【Address】 195 Kitsukihigashi, Taisha-cho, Izumo-shi

      【Inquiry】 Telephone 0853-53-3100

      【Opening Hours】 Worship time 6:00 to 20:00
             Amulet 6:00 to 20:00

        *From 16:30, you will not be able to go north from the 19 companies due to security.

      【Regular holiday】 Open 365 days
    • Tour of the Fukumitsu-ishi Stone Quarry (Fukumitsu-ishi Stone Quarry)

      【Visiting time】
      Between 9:00 and 16:30, about 30 to 60 minutes

      1 to 6 people:3,000 JPY
      7 people or more 1 adult:500 JPY(Junior high school students 400 yen, elementary school students 300 yen),Children Below Elementary School Age Free

      Reservation required by the day before 0855-65-2998(Secretariat)
    • A huge tree buried about 4000 years ago

      Sanbe-Azukihara Buried Forest Park

      An ancient forest buried underground by the volcanic activity of Mt Sanbe about 4,000 years ago.
      The giant tree standing upright with its long trunk is a highlight.

      Opening hours:9am to 5pm (Last entry is at 4:30)

      Closed days:Five days from the first Monday to Friday of December
            End of Year/Beginning of Year(From December 26 to January 1)

      Fare:Adult(s):300 JPY Elementary and junior high school students:100 JPY
    • Nature Museum of Mt Sanbe Sahimel

      (*Closed until mid-April 2020 due to renovation work)

      Shimane Nature Museum of Mt Sanbe Sahimel is a natural history museum in Shimane Prefecture.

      Screening of planetarium and dome images daily.
      Astronomical observatories are also provided, and astronomical observations are held on Saturday nights.

      The mascot character "Tempi" is cute!
    • Mt Sanbe National Park(Sanbe)

      Mt Sanbe in Shimane Prefecture is a volcano that represents Chugoku Region along with Mt Daisen in Tottori Prefecture.
    • Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine

      The Iwami Silver Mine Remains Oda City, Shimane Prefecture, Oda City, Shimane Prefecture, was registered as a World Heritage Iwami Silver Mine Remains in 2007.
    • Nima Sandmuseum

      Shimane is a place where gods gather, and many lovers visit to make their feelings come true.

      Every year, Toki no Saiten (Time Festival) is held from December 31 to January 1,
      The year of the new Sunadokei (Sand Chronicles) is engraved by the reversal of the Sunadokei (Sand Chronicles) by the year, man and woman.

      It became the stage of the girl manga "Sunadokei (Sand Chronicles)" and became famous in dramas and movies.

      You can also experience glass crafts.
      The museum shop sells many Sunadokei (Sand Chronicles) related products.
    • Singing sand beach registered as a natural monument"Kotogahama"

      Kotogahama Beach

      Thanks to the help of the villagers, the princess of Heike who played koto every day died,
      It is said that the sandy beach started to sound like a koto.
    • Shallow beach

      Fukumitsu Coast

      It is a shallow shore and is full of bathers in summer.You can surf.
      Every year, it becomes the venue for Umi Kagura, and Iwami Kagura dancing with the sea in the background is fantastic.

      Okinohebijima has been designated as a natural monument of the prefecture and is famous as a sea breeding ground.

    • Shimane AQUAS Aquarium

      This white dolphin's “Happy Bubble Ring” has become famous for commercials.
      In places where you can see penguins swimming from directly below,
      You can see the penguin as if flying in the sky.
      In the winter-only Penguin Parade, you can take a walk with King Penguins.

      The giant rays and sharks swimming gracefully in the undersea tunnel are amazing.

      Enjoy the largest aquarium in the Chushikoku (Chugoku and Shikoku) regions with 10,000 items of 400 species.
  • Yunotsu Health Tourism

    • walking

      【Good Morning Walking】
      Every Sunday from 6:50 am to 8:00 am
      Free participation (Free)

      【Healthy Walking】
      Held once a month
      Meet at 9:00 am
      From 9:30 to 14:00
      Participation fee 3,000 yen

      Yunotsu Health Tourism Association
      TEL 0855-65-2998