It is normally open. Currently, it is a discount campaign period, but if you use it, please cooperate with infection prevention measures.

★Shimane Premium Accommodation Ticket and Food and Beverage Ticket(Only for residents of Shimane Prefecture)
    ``Shimane Premium Accommodation Ticket'' is on sale, where you can buy an accommodation ticket of 5,000 Yen for 3,000 Yen!
    We are also selling the Shimane Premium Food and Drink ticket, which allows you to buy a food and beverage ticket for 6,000 yen for 4,000 yen!

★GoTo Travel Campaign(About 35% off accommodation fee)
   Facility registration is complete.From August 19th, you can get the discount on the homepage of the facility or by telephone reservation.
   Discounts are not available for bookings from other booking sites or travel agencies, so please contact us.

 This facility is participating in the Goto Travel Campaign.
  We are implementing the following infection prevention measures.


Hot Springs

  • High-quality weak salt springs and open-air baths

    【Large Communal Bath】 Swap goodwill for men and women at 11:00
      Iraka-no-yu:Indoor bath(Pouring),Open Air Bath(Circulation type)
      Mori-no-yu     :Indoor bath(Pouring),Open Air Bath(Circulation type)
    【Family bath】
      Nagomi-no-yu:Barite stone ceramic spring(Circulation type)

    A long time ago, an injured spear heals the wound in a hot spring,
    Yunotsu Onsen is said to have been founded by a monk on a passing journey.

    It is said to have a history of 1,300 years "Motoyu"
    "Yakushi-yu" that springs up during the Hamada Great Earthquake the Meiji Era

Facilities in this facility

  • Facilities in this facility

    It was renewed in July 2003 and has the only outdoor bath at Yunotsu Onsen.
    Halls and hallways are tatami mats. Please walk barefoot in the facility.

     Main Building: Front desk, Lounge(Teahouse), shop, Large public bath with open-air bath, Banquet Hall, Rooms
     Remote building: Rooms, Private family bath
     Former Building: Rooms, Small banquet hall


  • Depending on the guest room building, the type and size vary.

    Main building (with toilet) Japanese-style room 15 to 18 square meters                5 rooms
             Japanese-style room with translation 23 sqm (Guest room separated banquet room) 2 rooms
    Detached wing (with toilet) Japanese-style room 11m2(There is one room digging kotatsu)        3 rooms
             Japanese-style room 29 square meters(11 square meters +18 square meters)            1 room
    Old building (no toilet) Japanese-style room 18 square meters to 22 square meters                 3 rooms

    Old private house accommodation building(Hot spring town 2 to 3 minutes on foot)
     Seisenkan (with bath and toilet) 1st floor:Japanese-style room 15 m2, kitchen, 2nd floor:Japanese-style room 15 sqm 
     Hosen Nagaya (toilet, shower) 1st floor:Japanese-style room 11 sqm, 2nd floor:Japanese-style room 11 square meters 3 rooms


  • Cuisine

    The cuisine is a creative multi-course kaiseki cuisine centered on locally caught Japanese seafood.

     Affordable multi-course meal
     Seasonal Kaiseki Meal
     Chef's Recommended Kaiseki Cuisine
     Kaiseki cuisine with Japanese beef steak

     For a limited time or season
      Kaiseki cuisine with crab dishes
      Matsuba Crab Kaiseki Meal
      Beautiful skin banquet dishes
    and so on are available.

Iwami Kagura

  • Iwami Kagura?

    It has been handed down as a traditional performing art in western Shimane (Iwami region),
    We pray for the harvest and fishing of the year and dance with songs and lions dedicated to the gods.

    A large drum, a taiko drum, a clap, and a kagura lion using a flute,
    The difference between the seaside and the mountains, the seaside is fast-paced and intense dance called Hacchoshi (Eight tones),
    The mountainous region is characterized by a profound dance with a gentle rhythm called a Rokuchoshi (Six tones).
    Iwami Iwami Kagura has been handed down to the present as a "brave and splendid dance" that suits the temperament of Iwami Kagura.

    In May 2019, Iwami Kagura was recognized as a Japan Heritage Site.

    Yunotsu Onsen, you can enjoy Kagura dedication at the shrine every Saturday night. (* Paid)


Google Map

Hotel Name

Hotel Kiunsoh


202-1 Ro, Yunotsu, Yunotsu Town, Oda City, Shimane Prefecture

Telephone number



FAX, 0855-65-1028
E-mail, info@kiunsoh.com

JR Sanin Main Line, Get off at Yunotsu Station, 15 minutes on foot (Pick-up available, reservation required)

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Other information

  • ★Person who has food allergy

    If you have food allergies or foods that you are not good at, please let us know when you make a reservation.
  • ★About correspondence to person with a physical disability

    Wheelchairs can be used at the facility.
    Please refer to the website of “Tekuteku Sanin” for details.

      (Click the left image to jump to an external site)
  • ★To customers with children

    Some rooms are available for other guests without hesitation.
      Eun(New Building),Omoto,Kikusui(Former Building)
    Please contact us when making your reservation.
    Please refer to the following for rates for children of Keiun (new building) Omoto and Kikusui (old building).

    【Elementary school-aged children】 Dishes similar to adults (1 to 2 items reduced): 70% of adult fee
    【Elementary school-aged children】 Children's set meal(Children's lunch): 50% of adult fee
    【Infants】 Children's set meal(Children's lunch), Without Futon/Bed: 2,625 yen
    【Infants】 Futon only (no meals): 3,150 yen
    【infant】 Please consult us about baby food.


  • About the Internet

    Internet connection became possible from some guest rooms (main building).
    Customers outside the main building can use it if they can bring a PC in the tearoom.
    Customers staying in the old building & remote building,
    Internet in the lounge is available for both wired and wireless.
    (We rent wired cable)
  • About rental wheelchairs

    There is one wheelchair for rental.

  • About Economy plan Dinner

    “Economy plan” is a sashimi set meal for dinner.
    If you would like to use “Salmon grilled salmon”, please apply for other than the above plan.


  • Since the main building is a two-story wooden building, sound insulation is not perfect.

    Hakuun Hakuun, Shiun Shiun, Chouu Chouu in the room of the Ginka Ginka is
    You may hear the sound of the room above and below.
    Please specify another room if you are concerned about noise.

    Kikusui Kikusui Eun Keiun is because it does not have side-by-side with other rooms,
    This is recommended for guests who want a quiet room.
    “Matsu” and “Ume” are rooms that divide the banquet hall.
    When the banquet hall is not used, it is divided into three by a thick board and used as a guest room.
    Because it is a passage as soon as you open the door of the guest room, you can hear the voices and sounds of people walking along the passage.
  • The old building does not have a toilet in the room.

    The toilet is close to the room.
  • Yunotsu Onsen is not rich in hot water.

    The indoor bath of the public bath is a natural hot spring (flowing),
    The open-air bath and family bath (free private bath) are ceramic hot springs(Circulation type)


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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