2. Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the kitchen supplies at Hosen Nagaya and Seisenkan?

    Several kinds of hot pot, Frying pan, Kettle, 2 kitchen knives, Cutting board, Measuring cup
    Fry back, ladle, colander, bowl, rice cooker, tContinue reading
  • What rooms do you recommend when you are worried about the sound with your children?

    We recommend the rooms in the main building, Keiun, and the old building, Kikusui.
    The room cannot be specified on the internet, so if you wContinue reading
  • Can I see Iwami Kagura?

    Every Saturday at Tatsuno Gozen Shrine 4-minute walk from our hotel
    You can enjoy votive kagura at traditional shrines.
    In addition to SaturContinue reading
  • How can I get to the inn when using JR?

    JR Yunotsu Station will pick you up at JR Yunotsu Station.
    We will send you to the station the next day.
  • What is the bathing time?

    After checking in, you can bathe until 8 am the next morning.
    After 8 o'clock, it will be time to clean the bath.
    In addition, the baths fContinue reading
  • Do I need to reserve a private bath? Do I need a separate fee?

    You can always enter it if it is available, but you cannot make a reservation.

    The keys are managed at the front desk until 11 o'clock at Continue reading
  • Please tell me about the place and time of the meal.

    【Meal place】
    Basically it is a room meal.

    【Dinner time】
    We have decided upon arrival at the inn, but will start between 17:30 and 19:30.
    Continue reading


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