2. Cuisine


The cuisine is creative kaiseki cuisine, with a focus on local seafood.

Please enjoy seafood from the Sea of Japan.
There is also a course with Wagyu beef steak as the main course.

Meals are served in the room for dinner and breakfast.
Relax and enjoy.

Monthly Kaiseki cuisine

  • (The photo is an example of "Dinner Kaiseki")

    Every month, the content of the dish changes.The photograph is an example, so please refer to it.
    • Lunch menu

      Seafood bowl 1400 yen, grilled fish set meal 1500 yen, udon 620 yen, conger eel bowl 1400 yen
      Period available:
      11:30 to 13:30(*It may be sold out or full, so make sure to make a reservation.)

Local sake・drink

Along with the dishes, or local sake of Yunotsu How are you feeling?

The “Kaishun” local Yunotsu Kaishun is available at the facility.
  • Kamegoro

    ¥3,300-(Tax included)

    This is a liquor made by cultivating the phantom rice “Kamenoo” locally. Palatable
    It is a pure rice ginjo sake with a good taste, and it has an excellent compatibility with dishes.

     It is not for sale at the liquor store, but you can buy it at this facility, so
     Please use it as a souvenir.
  • Tobindori

    \8,580-(Tax included)

    A superb drop from Daiginjo made with the best sake rice.

  • Pure rice Daiginjo

    \5,280-(Tax included)

    A pure rice ginjo brewed from 40% of Yamada Nishiki. Fruity scent
    It is a delicious liquor. Recommended as a drink.
  • Pure rice super dry

    \2,750-(Tax included)

    It is a liquor worthy of the name "Korezo Karakuchi (this is dry)", which is clean and sharp.
    It goes well with simple fish dishes, spicy dishes, and hot pot dishes.
  • Kome no Shizuku

    \2,750-(Tax included)

    It has a light taste, but it is a pure rice sake with a rich taste. For any dish
    Goes well, but goes well with hot pot dishes.
  • Specially pure rice

    \1,430-(Tax included)
    A clean and pure rice liquor made with sake rice "Sakanishiki" in Shimane Prefecture
  • Pure rice

    \1,045-(Tax excluded)

    Fresh sake with good taste and refreshing feeling
    Goes with any dish.
  • Yunotsu Beer & Ale Yunotsu

    With sweet summer of From Yunotsu"Yunotsu Beer』\(Alcohol frequency 5.5%)

    Using rice from Yunotsu"Yunotsu Ale』\(Alcohol frequency 4.5%)

List of drinks

  • Beer

    Beer (medium bottle) ¥700(Tax included)
    Asahi Super Dry,Kirin Lager
    Draft beer (medium) ¥700(Tax included)
    Draft beer (small) ¥500(Tax included)
    Non-alcoholic beer (350ml) ¥500(Tax included)
    Local Craft Beer:Yunotsu Beer,Ale ¥880(Tax included)
  • Local sake(Kaishun)・Shochu・Plum wine

    Shochu (720ml bottle)
    Shochu (glass) with water,Hot water split,Rock ¥650(Tax included)
    Shochu (glass) with water,Hot water split,Rock with pickled plum or lemon ¥700(Tax included)
    Lemon Shochu High ¥550(Tax included)
    Gack sour ¥550(Tax included)
    Plum wine ¥600(Tax included)
  • Whiskey, wine, soft drink

    Whiskey (Suntory Kakubin 700ml) ¥4,000(Tax included)
    Whiskey W ¥850(Tax included)
    Whiskey, water, rocks, S ¥650(Tax included)
    Wine (Bottle)
    Glass of wine (white/red) ¥700(Tax included)
    Gac juice (anti-aging drink) ¥550(Tax included)
    Orange juice ¥300(Tax included)
    Apple juice ¥300(Tax included)
    Tomato juice \300(Tax included)
    Cola ¥300(Tax included)
    Oolong tea ¥300(Tax included)
  • 1F・Teahouse (We bring you to your room)

    Coffee (hot/ice) ¥400(Tax included)
    Cafe au lait (hot/ice) ¥450(Tax included)
    Cappuccino ¥450(Tax included)
    Black tea (hot/ice/lemon/milk) ¥400(Tax included)
    Soft ice ¥330(Tax included)
    (vanilla strawberry vanilla chocolate)
    shaved ice, ¥ 300 (Tax included)
    (Strawberry,lemon melon blue hawaii)
    shaved ice(With milk)¥ 350 (Tax included)